Looking for driving lessons in Liverpool? Looking for a driving instructor who priorities your needs and interests? You’re in the right place!

I am Roland Csaszar, ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) & OWNER of Roland Driving Instruction. Our driving school is located in Liverpool and cover areas all over Liverpool. We work with all abilities from beginners to experienced drivers looking to build confidence. Roland Driving Instruction also offer intensive driving courses in Liverpool for those who want to get their driving licence as quickly as possible.

Driving should be a pleasurable experience and getting along with your driving instructor is important in order to help improve your skills on the road, and enjoy your learning journey. Roland Driving Instruction offer a friendly and relaxed teaching style which will make you feel comfortable and enable you to focus on being a great driver!

The DVLA state that on average learner drivers take 40-50 hours worth of lessons to pass their driving test.

Whatever your skill level; from first time drivers, to experienced drivers in need of a refresher, our driving instructors are here to grow your confidence and help you to pass your driving test, in a safe and secure environment.

All of our driving lessons are tailored to your individual needs and will help you to develop any skills needed to meet DVSA standards.

Our driving instructors always make our learners feel comfortable by having agreed lesson plans and re-caps from previous driving lessons. It is important that we make sure we tick every single box of the required criteria. This is so you will have the confidence to pass your driving test and have a long and safe driving future ahead!

If you feel that you need a patient, hardworking driving instructor to develop different areas of your driving skills or if you’re just starting your driving lessons, please feel free to contact our driving school and we will work out a personalised plan to give you all the skills that you will need to pass your driving test.

We offer a free of charge "pick up & drop off" service within the covered areas.

The car that you will be driving under instruction is:

Volkswagen Polo - 2023 (Manual)

MG MG4 51kWh SE EV - 2023 (Automatic)

Both are easy car to drive and have dual controls.

Are you ready to #passwithroland? Let’s pass that driving test!

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The most important thing for me is your confidence and comfort. We’re all much calmer and focused when we’re comfortable, so I aim to give you the best possible learning experience to grow your confidence during my driving lessons. I’m patient, experienced and most of all... I will give my best to pass your test!