Here are some of the questions we are asked. If you can’t find the answers that you need, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

FAQ list

  • Can I start driving lessons before I pass my theory test?

    We recommend that you take practical lessons while preparing for your theory test. The combination of practical experience with theoretical learning should help you perform better at your theory test.

  • Can you give me help with my theory training?

    Yes, our driving instructors can assist you with help and guidance as to how to study and direct you to appropriate online theory training aids.

  • Are you fully licensed to teach?

    Yes, all of our driving instructors are licensed by the DVSA. We are experienced and have knowledge of the local areas. We not only prepare you for your practical driving test but place a keen emphasis on safe driving for life. Our aim is to get you to drive with confidence.

  • How many driving lessons do I need?

    If you are a beginner, and have never driven a car before, research from the DVSA (Driving Standards Agency) has shown that on average a minimum of 45 hours tuition with a driving instructor is required to pass your practical test. However, this is only an average. Everyone is different in how quickly they progress. So you may need less or you may need more. After the first couple of lessons, we will give you our professional opinion as to how many driving lessons you will need in order to pass your practical driving test.

  • What if I have some driving experience already?

    You will not need as many lessons as a beginner. After the initial assessment lesson, your driving instructor will have a look at what you already know and can do and also point out what you need to learn to be ready for the practical test. Then your driving instructor will make a recommendation as to how many lessons you need.

  • What if I have a licence in another country?

    Although you can already drive, to pass the practical test in the United Kingdom, you need to take driving lessons to get used to the roads here. Also, the standard of driving required to pass your practical test in the United Kingdom is probably the highest in the world. If you have been driving for a few years, the likelihood is that you have developed bad habits. To pass the practical test you need to correct them. That is where the driving lessons come in. ROLAND DRIVING INSTRUCTION recommend you take an assessment lesson to begin with, and then take at least one double lesson per week to brush up on your skills and get rid of those bad habits. At the same time start preparing for your theory test if you haven’t passed it yet. Once the theory test is passed book your practical test and carry on with your lessons until the test date. This way you will probably pass the practical test first time.

  • Can you pick me up from pick up location and drop me off at a different location?

    If enough notification is given, we are usually able to collect and drop you at different destinations. Your lesson time is not usually affected as a result.

  • Do you offer refresher courses?

    Yes! We are able to offer a refresher lesson or course of lessons to individuals who have passed their practical driving test but may be short of confidence or in need of additional tuition in one or more areas. Refresher lessons are also particularly useful to drivers who have not driven for a while or to those who may need some advice or correction of current driving habits.

  • How will I know when I am ready?

    You will know when you are ready to take your driving test! You should feel secure with your driving skills and should feel confident when driving, so it is important when going for your driving test to be honest with yourself about your readiness. Your driving instructor will help you to become self-critical and to recognise any faults you make – improving on them until you are ready for your test. We will always discuss test timing with you, and conduct a mock test in the latter stages to identify strengths and weaknesses. We aim to help you reach test standard within 40 hours of lessons.

  • What happens after I pass my test?

    Lots of new drivers taking our Pass Plus training course to build their driving skills further. Pass Plus - a six hour training course designed to improve your skills in specific areas, such as town, motorway, night and bad weather conditions is the most popular post-test training course. Not only will it help to develop your car control, and driving skills further it will also enable you to receive large discounts on your car insurance. Please contact us for further details.

Let’s get you on the road!

The most important thing for me is your confidence and comfort. We’re all much calmer and focused when we’re comfortable, so I aim to give you the best possible learning experience to grow your confidence during my driving lessons. I’m patient, experienced and most of all... I will give my best to pass your test!