I am delighted to present to you some of the feedbacks that I have received from my recent pupils in Liverpool. I always value feedbacks regarding the standard of my driving lessons and customer service.
  • Mick Brady

    Over the moon really appreciate it mate you got me confidence back! Wouldn’t of passed if it was anyone else! Brilliant Instructor.

  • Jessica Keynes

    Passed my test first time with Roland, so did my boyfriend. He genuinely cares about every student and their driving ability. Highly recommend, really is the best driving instructor in Liverpool!

  • Anna Hubbard

    I passed my driving test first time thanks to my amazing instructor Roland. I was on a bit of a deadline to pass and Roland was very accommodating in fitting in all my lessons around my work hours. Would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone considering learning to drive in Liverpool. Thanks a million again Roland!

  • Joe Griffiths

    Cannot speak highly enough of the instruction I had from Roland. I wanted an instructor who took his job seriously and Roland was spot on from first lesson to last. He really (really, really) cares about putting safe drivers on the road and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Passed with 2 minors only! Thank you, Roland!

  • Julie Poberejniuk

    I’ve past my driving test with Roland after 2 months of intense driving lessons! He’s been absolutely brilliant. He dedicated so much of his time and was very flexible with lessons. Professional and efficient. Very supporting. Would highly recommend! Thank you!!

  • Steph Taylor

    Roland is extremely supportive and provides excellent knowledge and information about the ways of the road. He builds up your skills and provides a relaxed environment for you to learn how to drive. He is friendly, patient and very professional. He gives clear instructions on how to approach situations and allowed me to solve problems to help me become an independent driver. I highly recommend him, especially if you are nervous about being on the road!

  • Elaine Evans

    Roland is an excellent teacher he gives me so much confidence and is very patient. I have learnt so much in such a short time. Would recommend him as a teacher very much!

  • Rita Edwards

    Can I just say after my son being put off by learning to drive by last instructor now he’s loving it! Thank you to Roland for having so much patience! One happy son when he finished his lessons!

  • Amaia Del Pozo Ugalde

    Excellent Instructor! Recommend him 100% for anxious drivers who have been out of the road for a long time! Roland has been very supportive and has boosted my confidence incredibly! He is a very safe and patient instructor. Thanks so much, Roland!

  • Destiny Katso

    Thank you so much for being the best instructor! You made me feel great on every lesson! I would definitely recommend learners to start driving with you! 1st attempt pass with one minor only! Thank you once again!

  • Philip Bretherton

    Best instructor! Made me feel so confident within a few lessons and worked hard every week to get the best out of me! Passed my driving test for the 1st attempt! Thank you my man!

  • Kata Lovassy

    Thank you so much for all your help, time and patience with me Roland. I would highly recommend anyone learning to drive with him, he is an excellent driving instructor, very professional and supportive! He was always there to help me and made me believe that the impossible is possible.

  • Lauren Scott

    An amazing instructor who made me feel confident and comfortable on the road. Can’t recommend enough.

  • Ayse Irmak

    Roland is exceptionally good driving instructor. He is very patient and explains everything throughly. Roland went the extra mile when helping me in areas I struggle with and helped me gain necessary skills and confidence to drive safely. Couldn't have passed my test without his help! Thank you so much Roland!

  • Dheeraj Agarwal

    It was an excellent learning experience driving alongside Roland. He was strict on me sometimes, but those learnings helped me to pass my test today. His guidance helped me a lot to improve my driving. I would highly recommend Roland as a driving instructor.

  • Luke Turner

    Roland was a huge help with my confidence driving and his method of teaching makes you feel at ease and never feels like you are doing something wrong. Lots of positive talk and a brilliant attitude. I ended up passing first time thanks to Roland so I can highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive!

  • Peter Chen

    During the instructing period, Roland showed me a lot of patience and professionalism. I have learned new driving strategies and techniques, and I have learned how to drive with discipline that makes us safer drivers in different traffic situations.

  • Ian Craig

    Roland is a great and patient driving instructor he was brilliant getting my son through his theory test. He also helped my son pass his test today on the 8th of April who ever chooses to learn with roland with successfully will pass their test.

  • Shea Ventre

    Amazing instructor makes u feel very comfortable would recommend too anyone.

  • Shino Hatem

    Thank you so much for your help and support, it has been brilliant doing lessons with you Roland , I can't thank you enough and I can't recommend enough.

  • Pauline Hauzy

    Roland is an incredible instructor! He puts you at ease in the car and gives you great advise while also giving you the space to work out things on your own in security. I would strongly recommend him.

  • Krisztina Palfi

    Thank you so much for your help. I really enjoyed the lessons with you, i will miss those times. Thanks for your patience also :D I would highly recommend this amazing guy.

  • Levente Siroki

    Top Instructor! Explains well and step by step. Plans lessons to your needs and requirements. Very patiend and calm. I can only recommend him!! Helped me polish my skills and got me ready for my test. Thanks a lot bro!

  • Gabrielle Hauzy

    I couldn’t recommend Roland enough! He made me feel at ease and encouraged me to learn by explaining my reasoning while driving. In doing so I gained confidence and knew what to expect. I passed my driving test on my first try!

  • Richard Jamieson

    Couldn’t recommend Roland more did a 3 week crash course with him passed first time by far the best about look no further.

  • Nicole Dugdale

    Thank you so much. I had a great learning experience. Roland is very calm, relaxed and so supportive. Roland is always giving words of encouragement and you won’t come away from a lesson feeling bad about yourself for a mistake you made in the lesson as he will remind you of all the positive parts of your driving lesson before you finish. You’ll have great fun in the lessons while also learning. I’ve gained a lot of confidence driving on the UK roads and passed first time with only 19 hours thanks to Roland. Definitely recommend!

  • Haojia Wang

    Roland was a very patient instructor, whether it was a mock test or a formal test, I would get very nervous and he was always very patient in reassuring me and putting me at ease. I am very grateful to him for getting me through the test so quickly.

  • Shadia Jones

    Roland has been a wonderful, patient and knowledgable teacher from day 1. Prior to lessons with Roland, I had been incorrectly taught by someone who just wanted my money so I had a few bad habits, to say the least! Due to this and his own disposition of wanting to optimise each learners experience to the fullest extent, Roland then devoted an abundance of his time, efforts and energy into transforming me into the safe, confident driver I am today. Who passed first time - all within 3 weeks! The lessons were enjoyable and very rewarding as I always left with valuable experience, eager to get back on the road again, learning more! I can’t recommend Roland enough, thank you for everything.

  • Nick Hoy

    Absolutely fantastic service, made me feel comfortable and confident from day 1 of lessons, helping me drive from small A roads to city centres. Reliable for timing and efficient with teachings and was patient and helpful enough to make sure I was comfortable in all areas from all manor of junctions to maneuvers. If looking for an instructor in Liverpool, look no further.

  • Mark Ayem

    Roland was a fantastic instructor give me the confidence to drive when I never thought I would. 22 half hours and I passed can't thank him enough.

  • Zsuzsanna Kecskemeti

    The best driving instructor in Liveroool for sure! First attempt pass after 30 hours of lessons! Look no further, you won’t regret it. Thank you Roland!

  • Jennifer Lynch

    1st time pass thanks to Roland he gave me loads of confidence and great skills. He is really friendly and makes you feel at ease instantly. Comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • Amita Maguire

    1st time pass!! And all thanks to Roland! :) He was always calm, happy to explain everything (as many times as you need) and is great at giving confidence, at independent driving. You can tell that he has your best interest at heart and would never let you waste a lesson, or make you do more than what you need. Really couldn’t recommend him any more! Always had a laugh on lessons too. :)

  • Courtney Huntley

    Highly recommend Roland. He is an amazing instructor. He will teach you everything in a simple down to earth way and walk you through everything. Even if you are a nervous driver, like me, he’s very calm about approaching every situation possible and explains everything you need to improve on and what your strengths are. Couldn’t of asked for a better instructor to teach me. Helped me pass 1st time from zero, big thanks to that.

  • Ciara Taylor

    I couldn’t recommend roland anymore, completely makes you at ease and makes your lessons enjoyable. When I started I was so nervous was I had 2 bad previous instructors who wasn’t calm or patient - roland is the compete opposite always calm an if you make a mistake he makes you feel like it’s not the end of the world. PLEASE BOOK IN WITH HIM thank you for everything you have done for me x

  • Tayla April Symes

    I couldn't thank and recommend Roland enough after 3 years of trying to pass my test I finally did it today for the first time the weather wasn’t the best and I was panicking and doubting myself even more but Roland did nothing but reassure me I have had multiple driving instructors for long periods of times and all they ever did was mess me around and push my test back and back to the point where i never had the confidence to progress onto my test they would put me in for 2hr lessons and pull over for 20-25 mins of the lesson turn up late and cut the lesson sort i have only had 8 lessons with Roland and passed 1st time he NEVER once made me pull up I got the best out my lessons and he always made sure I got the consistency and with being dyslexic he made my lessons enjoyable fun and the most important thing he believed in me and pushed me to bring my test forward even when I didn’t believe in myself!! Thanks Roland your the best!!

  • Leevi White

    I passed my test on Monday thanks to Roland. He helped me improve a alot and made me feel comfortable and confident in every lesson. Would highly recommend!

  • Melissa Wood

    Roli is literally the best driving instructor in Liverpool. He has a super relaxed atmosphere while you’re in the lesson. I hated driving when I first started but now I love it, I couldn’t recommend him fast enough to my friends. Thank you Roli.

  • David Torres Rodriguez

    Today I pass my driving test and I couldn't be more grateful with Roland. The journey started 6 months ago when I get in contact with him (he has Instagram, Facebook and many more social media where you can get in touch with him) and during this time he has taught me every single bit you need to know to be the best of the drivers around here. He is a pretty good instructor, gives you confidence in yourself when its needed and is pretty enjoyable to have lessons with him. Not only because he is the best of the instructors around here, but because he is like a friend that is helping you with the test and also enjoy talking with you about anything. Now, he is doing lives on instagram, posting reels on tiktok about hazard awareness and many more things that i'm sure will come with thte time. Because of that kind of things I think he is not only the instructor that helps me pass the test but a friend I have made during this 6 months.

  • Inma Roma

    Roland is a very good instructor and with a dedication to his work so that his students pass the test that I have not seen in other places.

  • Danielle Brady

    One of the best instructors! He’s so patient and understanding during lessons. He literally made me feel so comfortable and calm that I was always excited for our lessons. Couldn’t have done it without him and so grateful for all the dedication he put in to me and our lessons. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

Let’s get you on the road!

The most important thing for me is your confidence and comfort. We’re all much calmer and focused when we’re comfortable, so I aim to give you the best possible learning experience to grow your confidence during my driving lessons. I’m patient, experienced and most of all... I will give my best to pass your test!