Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely.

Statistics have shown that newly qualified drivers are more vulnerable than experienced drivers. Pass Plus offers professional instruction, helping new drivers to gain quality experience, become more skilful drivers, develop a positive driving style and reduce their risk of being involved in an accident.

Additionally many motor insurance companies offer greatly reduced insurance policies to new drivers who have completed the Pass Plus scheme. I am Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor and I offer Pass Plus tuition for those candidates that have successfully passed the practical driving test.

There is no exam at the end of the Pass Plus course. The pupil undertakes six modules, each containing a range of relevant topics. When the pupil has attained or exceeded a satisfactory level in each topic of all modules, he/she will have completed the course.

The six modules are:

  • Town Driving
  • All-weather Driving
  • Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads
  • Night Driving
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Motorways
Pass Plus Course - £390.00

Let’s get you on the road!

The most important thing for me is your confidence and comfort. We’re all much calmer and focused when we’re comfortable, so I aim to give you the best possible learning experience to grow your confidence during my driving lessons. I’m patient, experienced and most of all... I will give my best to pass your test!